Wonderful Wisconsin

I was visiting family as I always do in the summer. Every summer my family throws a huge memorial festival for my Uncle Daniel. It is always a blast, we have a jolly jumper, live bands, food and drinks, and a raffle.The weather is wonderful and the people are so nice. It’s always awesome in the land of cheese.


Sofitel, L.A.

My dad, and I were in L.A. for a day and a night to visit my uncles, and grandpa, so we decided to stay at the Sofitel. It was awesome, fitness room, hospitable service, amazing suites, pool it had it all! I especially liked the pool, because  you could order your food, (which was delicious) and get it at your poolside chair. And the rooms, don’t even get me started on those glorious suites of comfort.

Days in D.C.

A few years back, I was in Washington D.C for a couple of weeks for my cousins wedding.  We decided to go and see the sites.  Out of all the giant monuments and miraculous museums, my favorite was the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum.  I liked it because there was such a variety of things from giant space crafts to tiny one person planes, there was even a helicopter that was propelled like a bicycle.  My mom and I got to go into a fighter jet simulator.  She controlled the piloting and I controlled the weaponry, but she got so nauseated that I had to do both.  I also loved the Lincoln memorial and the Washington monument.  During our trip, the best thing was we got to take a tour of the White House.  As a special surprise, we got to see president Barack Obama take off from the back lawn in an air force one helicopter.

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Some Big Sur Memories

Three years ago I went on a trip to Northern California.  I found myself in the amazing area of Big Sur.  There were pine forests next to beaches and an amazingly beautiful waterfall that I think everyone must see!  There were ocean caves where sea animals play.  The water was cold and the waves were big.  There was nothing I could say that was bad about this place except that I had to leave.

Beach day at Oil Piers, Ventura, CA

I found my day at Oil Piers beach to be a mix of warm, sandy, happy, and the slightest bit windy. The waves were choice and the water warm.  But on there was a little to much seaweed to fish in the perfect high tide at sunset, in the surf. And although the water was warm, it was not warm enough to persuade me to go in when the current was sucking you into the rocks. But the shore brake was perfect for skim boarding. So all in all it was a good beach day.